Summer solstice 2019 from Badbury Rings

This year I went with my walking group to watch the sunrise on the day of the summer solstice (June 21). We had chosen Badbury Rings, the iron age hill fort between Blandford and Wimborne. For only a limited amount of walking uphill you get a very fine, uninterrupted view over the surrounding landscape from... Continue Reading →

Blandford bridge, crossing the Stour

Blandford bridge in the early morning sun A moment. But in the still, sun-poured early morning it stretches out, flowing imperceptibly like the water under the bridge, beckoning towards the future and the past. Blandford’s history is fundamentally tied to crossing the river. The name of the town derives from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Blaen-y-ford’ describing a... Continue Reading →


And here come the daffodils, early bloomers lighting up the woodland paths in all their super-charged yellow glory. These ones (I think!) are Narcissus Jetfire, their orange trumpets sexting like mad. As they sway in the breeze it feels like you’re watching spring once more bursting into life. Few capture the scene of a swathe... Continue Reading →

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